Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case – RC-1200-KKN1 – Black

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Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case - RC-1200-KKN1 - Black

Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case – RC-1200-KKN1 – Black

  • Stylish and streamlined race-car inspired design
  • Brushed aluminum and steel for strength and elegance
  • Airflow optimized design
  • Supports up to 10 fans and 13 HDDs (2 from X-dock)
  • Supports 4 Way SLI/CF
  • Supports XL-ATX/SSI CEB/SSI EEB boards

The flagship case of Cooler Master – COSMOS II, is defined as the “Ultimate platform for extreme performance”. Its streamlined design with aluminum and mesh makes this product incomparably stylish and luxurious. It supports up to 10 fans, 13 HDDs, and 4 Way SLI/CF; also features an Advanced Control Panel for fan speed adjustment with LED indicators. The rich I/O includes 2 high speed USB 3.0 ports for quicker data transfer. The combination of its elegant looks, numerous expansion options, and functionality make the COSMOS II a definite choice for a user’s “Dream Case”.
Cool Master Computer Cases
Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case – RC-1200-KKN1 – Black

Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case - RC-1200-KKN1 - Black

List Price: $ 349.99


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3 thoughts on “Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case – RC-1200-KKN1 – Black

  1. 13 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    The best enthusiast case EVER???, January 24, 2012

    This review is from: Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case – RC-1200-KKN1 – Black (Personal Computers)

    This case is hands down one of the best cases I’ve ever seen and its really close to perfect. Here’s why:

    The good stuff first:

    1. Huge case. If you were looking for a case that holds almost everything you want, Congrats, you just found it. OK there are other cases out there that hold plenty of stuff like the Mountain mods cases but they dont come with all the fans or accessories by default you have to buy them separately.
    Here is what this case has in it: room for:
    a. 10x 120mm fans
    b. 13 drive bays.
    c room for a full liquid cooling kit.
    d. room for extended power supply.
    e. m-atx ATX E-ATX XL-ATX SSI CEB and SSI EEB motherboard form factors.
    f. 11 expansion slots
    g it can fit a 140mm fan in the rear
    h. 1x 200mm on top.
    i. 2x 120mm fans on the side (optional)
    j. can fit 2x 140 mm on top. (optional)
    k. 4 channel fan speed control.

    2. The case is made of steel. (not all of it though)
    3. the bars (or handles) are very sturdy
    4. the front door merely needs a touch and it slides down automatically.
    5. side panels come off easily.
    6. the case is easy to clean because you can remove the dust covers easily.
    7. looks stylish.

    Now for the negatives:

    1. the case has a lot of plastic in it. I would prefer more of the case to be aluminum or steel like the top fan grill as well as the retention clips that hold you’re 5.25″ devices in place.
    2. No side window as of this writing but the side panel has noise dampening material in it.
    3. This case weighs in at no less than 47.3 lbs. Imagine how heavy it will be with all your hardware. For me this isn’t much of an issue because I don’t move my PC much.
    4. $350 is a bit much to ask for a case that’s not 100% high end. By that I mean that it is not completely built of steel and other materials
    stronger than plastic. (like aluminum) Still you’re unlikely to find a case for this price that has so much to offer.

    Note: If you’re in need of more information (or you need to see more of what the case looks like) you can go to YouTube. and type in Linus tech tips cooler master cosmos 2. He has a video that thoroughly looks at the case.

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  2. 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    OMG, Unbelievable wire management., February 22, 2012
    Damian Cox (Brooklyn, NY USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case – RC-1200-KKN1 – Black (Personal Computers)

    First off … this case is huge and heavy … and huge. Tons of room for a boatload of hard drives. Wires dont run inside the main compartment of the case which clutters the innards. Instead they run out through the back of the motherboard area through slots on the side of the case which massively minimise clutter inside. First of all just looking at it is beautiful, it is a well thought of and designed case. From the nice sliding mechanism for the front panel to move up and down for showing of the CD/DVD drive in front to the sliding panel on top which covers and protect the power and fan control panels in-front of the system from wandering hands.

    Both door panels easily swing open from rear to front, and have the ability to just lift off hinges to help work easier.

    The design of the chasis allows for maximum air flow to kelp keep your system running cool. Inside the case is divided into two main parts, the upper part with the motherboard etc, has its on air circulation. Aswell as the lower half of the case where the power supply is and optional hard drive are have their own air circulation.

    The power supply at the bottom with its own sectioned off compartment allows for the thick cables to be managed easily down there and only snake up the what you need for where.

    Wires are all managed behind the motherboard, which is on the outside of the frame, towards inside the right door (if you have the front of the case facing you.) Inside my case looks neat, clean and sexy, but open the side door where the back of the motherboard is and its a disaster … looks like an AT&T switchboard. But it is well hidden with the design of the case.

    At any given moment, my system runs at a nice 30-40 Celsius.

    My specs are below …

    2 X Corsair Vengeance 12 GB ( 3 x 4 GB ) = 24GB
    2 X Sapphire Radeon HD 7970
    1 X OCZ Technology 240 GB Agility 3 SSD- 3G SATA 6.0 Gb-s 2.5-Inch Solid State Drive
    1 X Western Digital Caviar Green 1 TB SATA III
    1 X Intel Core i7-980 Processor 3.3 Ghz LGA-1366 (BX80613I7980) Intel Core i7-980 Processor 3.3 Ghz LGA-1366
    1 X Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH100) Corsair Hydro Series H100 Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Coole
    1 X EVGA Intel X58 and ICH10R Chipset EATX DDR3 800 LGA 1366 Motherboards 141-GT-E770-A1 EVGA Intel X58 and ICH10R Chipset EATX DDR3 800 LGA 1366 Motherboards 141-GT-E770-A1
    1 X Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case
    1 X ENERMAX MAXREVO Series EMR1350EWT 1350W ATX12V
    4 X COUGAR CF-V12H Vortex Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing (Fluid) 300,000 Hours 12CM Silent Cooling Fan

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  3. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice case but questionable quality and overpriced, June 5, 2012

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Cooler Master Cosmos II Full Tower Case – RC-1200-KKN1 – Black (Personal Computers)

    Space and Compatibility:

    The case is very spacious and is compatible with many different motherboard sizes. The back panel on which the motherboard is mounted is very solid and well designed as well. It has the cutouts, stnadoffs, etc, everything at the right location. The only thing I would change on this is add more grommets closer to the SATA ports on most ATX motherboards. The way the back panel is designed right now, it makes it impossible to use angular SATA connectors on the lower row of the ports. I know the angular connectors are meant to be used at the drive end, but I would like to be able to use them at the motherboard end as well just so that I can route the Sata cables out to the back immediately after the port rather than an inch or so later.

    Drive Bays:

    11 3.5 HDDs + 2 Hot Swaps SATA Bays + 3 large 5.25″ bays for CD Drives. So basically ample room for drives. But the drive bay sliders are plastic, flimsy and the rubber bushings with pins that hold the drive in place tend to rub against the casing making it difficult to slide the bay in and out of the drive slot. Would have liked metal bays and a better drive holding pin design for a smoother slide in/out action. Connecting the sata cables to the drives requires a tiny bit of force and I am not sure if the latches are strong enough to hold the bays in place when such pressure is applied to connect the cables. I managed but was not exactly confident. Last thing I want is a drive bay pushed out with the drive in it and fall out from the other end.

    Air Flow:

    The case has a decent airflow but I expected much better for the price. The front has a large enough fan but the since the drive bays are oriented side to side, I would have liked more open spaces in the top HDD cage. The way it’s designed, I doubt if the HDDs in the top HDD would get much airflow, and I am very sure that once the top HDD cage has HDDs installed in all the slots, the front fan won’t be effective at all on blowing air into the case freely as the HDD cage would block all the airflow.I think theres room for a design improvement for better airflow onto the HDDs as well as into the case from the front even for a sideways HDD cage orientation.

    Cable Management:

    Lots of tiedown options. Good channeling for user installed wiring. The only thing I would like them to add is better/discrete channel for the wiring for all the factory installed stuff – front panel controller, SATA hotswap bays and above all the standard case fans. They could easily prewire the case for “at-location” fan points. This will make it much more cleaner. Regardless, no complaints here.


    10/10 on this one. The case design allows easy access for every single part that might be installed in the case. I like the HDD cage orientatation for easy HDD mounting/removal and connection.

    Now the bad:

    1. The MOLEX connectors for the fan controller and the hot swap drive bays are the worst quality I have ever seen. Extremely flimsy. The pins are all bent and easily slide back when I try to plug in the frmale Molex power connector from the power supply into these. I am worried that there might be a lose contact which could cause data corruption (if power is lost even momentarily at the wrong time during a hot swap bay disk I/O) or worse still a constant jittery/noisy power connection may even ruin the hard drives in the hot swap bay.

    2. The HDD fans are extremely noisy, especially at medium and high speeds. I think these are cheap design/quality fans which explains the noise. Cooler master insists (Yes, I did chat with them) that it is because of the high speeds but I I find it difficult to grasp that they couldn’t design/source better quality fans that are less noisy even at high speeds. Note that I am NOT talking about the wind noise. I am talking about the motor “whrrr” noise.

    3. The front large fan is noisy at higher speeds too although not as noisy as the HDD fans.

    4. One of the side panels had a significant enough dent in it. The box was super clean and had absolutely no damage. Packaging was good. So this has to be from the factory. Someone probably thought that they should send it out instead of wasting the piece and deal with it if an RMA comes in. Either that or QA is completely lacking.

    A note about Cooler Master warranty service experience:

    I chatted with them about the issues I experienced above. Here’s what they said:

    1. The molex connectors are fine and it’s normal for the pins to wiggle a little. They tried to play it down a bit and eventually said that those are the only molex connectors they use and even the replacement would be the same. I am honestly shocked to see such poor quality molex connectors for the price they ask for this case

    2. The HDD & front fans are noisy because of the “tunneling” effect…

    Read more

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