HP Pavilion 2311gt 23 inch 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor

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HP Pavilion 2311gt 23 inch 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor


  • Box includes two pairs of 3D glasses.
  • 3D enabling software, CyberLink PowerDVD Premium, with innovative 2D to 3D real-time conversion technology, sample 3D photos, plus two pair of lightweight, passive 3D glasses are included to get you started.
  • Give old memories new life. Watch your family?s face light up as your favorite family photos fly across the screen in dazzling 3D.
  • Bring 3D hits from the box office to your monitor with a few clicks of the mouse. Rediscover all your 2D favorites or screen precious home movies in brilliant 3D.
  • Our Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) technology makes viewing 3D content and transforming your own 2D media to 3D easy on the eyes. FPR is flicker free, has improved brightness for a clear image, and displays 3D images viewable with lightweight, passive 3D glasses.

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HP Lcd Monitor
HP Pavilion 2311gt 23 inch 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor

HP Pavilion 2311gt 23 Inch 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor

List Price: $ 299.99


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3 thoughts on “HP Pavilion 2311gt 23 inch 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor

  1. 12 of 13 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent 3D monitor for the money, April 26, 2012
    M. Lee “CNP” (California, USA) –

    This review is from: HP Pavilion 2311gt 23 inch 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor (Personal Computers)

    I was able to get this monitor from HP direct for under $190.
    The size is bit small if you are used to big monitors(I have 27 and 32inch monitors), but once you start using it, I guess your mind adjust to the size (unless you look again at the 32inch screen). They delivered it in 2 days without shipping charge. If you live in Calif, you have to pay the state tax and stupid CA Recycling fee, but still what a awesome deal.

    The monitor itself is thin and weighs very little.

    Color is crisp and has good contrast.

    Comes with a HDMI cable, but has VGA, DVI, and HDMI inputs. Monitor can be tilt adjusted but cannot be rotate to portrait mode. There is no height adjustment.

    You’ll have to install HP Monitor driver and 3rd party software that’s on the CD to make 3D working (The monitor is actually 60hz and not 120hz and in 3D resolution would be 1920×540).

    CD contains User Manual, Cyberlink Power DVD 10, Driver, TrieDef3D, and “Puss in Boots” 3D trailer.

    The monitor uses software call Tridef3D to launch games in 3D. I played MassEffect 2. I saw a bit of ghosting time to time, but otherwise 3D effect is amazing. I have Gigabyte Geforce GTX 560ti(Fermi), but I don’t think you’ll need a fancy graphic card for the 3D to work (like Nvidia 3D vision glass). It does 3D via software. But if you are a gamer, you probably own a high-end graphic card anyway….

    Cyberlink PowerDVD 10 plays 3D blu-ray and side by side 3Ds with no problem. It even converts other 2D DVDs and movies into 3D.

    2D Picture viewing in 3D is also done by PowerDVD 10.

    Someone noted that this monitor is not compatible with 3D blu-ray player or PS3. I haven’t tested with my PS3 yet, but will find out soon (my bro-in law borrowed my PS3…).

    Overall I’m very happy with this monitor.

    Update: this monitor would not work with PS3 or 3D blu-ray. I think it uses software to pose right/left image on same screen and the filter on the monitor will work with 3D passive glass. So that’s why 3D works although it’s only 60hz.
    If you are buying for 3D viewing, sadly, you are stuck on computer generated 3D. Also when playing PC Games, Tridef3D crashes a lot and stops the game on/off so I end up going back to 2D on my big screen.

    One thing I found interesting is that this monitor will let you sit close while viewing 3D and has no ghost effect. LG 23 inch, on the other hand, has self-3D ability and let you 3d blu-ray, and PS3 in 3D, but you have to sit back 6 feet away…. at least the one at local computer store demo was like that.

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  2. 8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Entry Level 3D Monitor for a Great Price, June 30, 2012

    This review is from: HP Pavilion 2311gt 23 inch 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor (Personal Computers)

    This review is going to focus on the 3d aspect of this monitor.

    I’ve been looking into buying a 3d setup for a while now. Even tried using nvidia’s anaglyph 3d discover at one point, not recommended. This one was listed on woot with a price-tag of $200 and I decided to hop on the bandwagon. So far I have not been disappointed. I understood that the resolution suffers on passive 3d versus active shutter 3d but the difference in price was a no brainer for me. I can’t afford to spend $500-$600 on a 3d monitor and glasses.

    That said I find the depth provided by the 3d to far out-way the resolution reduction. You really get pulled in while playing games. Left for dead 2 was much more intense and Max Payne 3 is amazing in 3d.

    On a side note the software that comes with this package is good but if you have a Nvidia graphics card with 3D vision support you can Google “passive monitor nvidia 3d vision” and find some simple guides to enable their 3D drivers instead of Tridef. I find myself using both Nvidia and Tridef for different games, depending on which one provides the better experience.

    As long as you don’t purchase this expecting it to be just a good as active shutter glasses you will not be disappointed. It is good, really good, but the resolution suffers. Each eye only sees 1920 x 540 instead of 1920 x 1080.

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  3. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Incredible monitor for a great price!, March 17, 2012
    Marc L. Paulsen (Newport Beach, CA) –

    This review is from: HP Pavilion 2311gt 23 inch 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor (Personal Computers)

    I’m not a tech person so I won’t cover any of those issues but from a purely personal visual perspective this monitor is great! Clear and bright with excellent 3D. And the price…listed here on Amazon at $269 from HP but I called HP directly and was able to get it for much less. Haven’t had it long so I can’t comment on how it will standup but so far this thing is fabulous.

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