HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black

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HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor - Black

HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black


  • Full HD 1920 X 1080 resolution
  • 3,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • LED backlighting
  • Ultra-slim 25-Inch diagonal monitor
  • 170/160 degree viewing angles

The HP 2511x 25-inch LED Monitor gives you a sharp, dazzling view in Full HD view at 1920 X 1080 resolution, features BrightView technology to cut down on glare and even saves on space with its ultra-thin profile. This HP monitor also offers QuickView modes optimized to match screen performance with the content of your choice.
HP Monitor
HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black

HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor - Black

List Price: $ 299.99


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3 thoughts on “HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black

  1. 85 of 96 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Crisp text, but…, January 8, 2011
    J. Elliott (Southern California) –

    This review is from: HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black (Personal Computers)

    This is my first try at LED display monitors. My 5 year old Samsung was getting a bit dim, so after reading a lot of reviews and looking at many monitors in stores, my first choice was the top rated Samsung BX2450. Unfortunately, there were too many problems with that monitor: The display was slightly tilted to one side on its stand, with the right edge about 1/4″ lower than the left; no adjustable viewing angle; shaky stand; overly sensitive control buttons; and a very pronounced ‘sweet spot’ for viewing. So I sent it back. I read about the HP2511x on-line, and ordered it from Amazon to try out.

    Mechanically, the HP is far superior to the Samsung – easy assembly, secure fit of parts; optional wall mounting kit; clear instructions. The base is adjustable for tilt, but not for height. The control buttons are very functional and have a nice tactile feedback, unlike the Samsung. The four presets for movies, text, photos, and gaming are pretty useful. The menu system is intuitive, and it is easy to adjust the brightness down to 50 – the screen was much too bright for my tastes when it was unpacked.

    For black text on a white background, image quality is very good, especially when compared side-by-side with my old fluorescent tube backlit Samsung. Text is very clear and sharp, with no ghosting or color fringing on the edges. Even running the text at 150% magnification as default text size in IE7 it is superior to the old non-LED monitor. The black background screen on start up/boot is uniformly deep black, with only a slight amount of backlight bleed along the bottom edge. White background screens are bright and mostly pretty uniform. However, unlike the old non-LED Samsung, but like the LED Samsung BX2450, the HP has viewing angle issues, which are especially noticable on white background screens.

    They are not as bad as the Samsung, and the sweet spot for viewing is more forgiving. But when the monitor is on the desk at the ergonomically recommended height relative to your eyes, the bottom of the screen has a blue cast, and the icons on IE7 task bar have brighter blues and washed out yellows, while the top of the screen has a much warmer look, especially with a white background. Standing at the desk while talking on the phone and reaching down to type something, the white background becomes agua, and the text is difficult to read.

    Likewise, moving your head more than a couple inches sideways from the screen center will make the monitor appear warmer at the edge you are moving from, and cooler at the edge you are moving towards. Again, it is nowhere nearly as pronounced as the Samsung, but still noticeable. The only solution I have found is to elevate the monitor 2+ inches above the desk. This places the center of the screen at eye level, and improves the color and tint issues at the bottom of the screen. It is not ideal, but much improved for image quality. What this means long-term for my back and neck remains to be seen.

    I have an ASUS laptop with LED that is even worse as far as this sweet spot effect, and have looked at a number of LED monitors in stores, and have concluded that this seems to be a characteristic of LED monitors – better in some than others. It is interesting to note that at 3 different stores, the LED monitors were all at eye level or above, while the non-LED models were usually below eye level.

    With movies or HDTV input from my tuner card the above issue is not noticeable, probably because I am not moving my head as much as when I am using text and looking at reference books, writing notes, or answering the phones. Movies/TV are very decent picture quality, with just a slight color saturation weakness compared to my Sony 42″ TV. Photos are also sharp and clear, but it is somewhat easier to notice color shifts when moving your head around while using photoshop.

    Games are very clear and bright, and usually so fast paced that the relatively small color shifting problem is not noticed. The relatively slow 5ms response has not been an issue so far on the games my son has tried on this machine to evaluate the monitor.

    I should point out that my HP Quad core AMD computer is only a year old, and used an ASUS Nvidia GeForce 210 graphics card when I purchased the HP2511x. I have since upgraded to an ASUS NVidia ENGTS450 TOP Graphics card. This sped things up in some applications, and perhaps slightly improved graphics quality and color saturation in other programs, but without doing side-by-side comparisons, it is impossible to say; the difference is minor, if present.

    I can use this monitor, and the improved text quality is appreciated over the non-LED monitors I used or saw in stores. However, the sweet spot issue, while better than most of the other LED monitors I viewed, was just annoying enough to drop a star off of my rating.

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  2. 29 of 31 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Nice !, January 5, 2011
    ALFA66 “alfa66” (sj ca usa) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black (Personal Computers)

    If you are thinking about getting the 2509m make sure that you don’t pay $300, because for $300 you can get the next generation monitor from HP.
    I was about to buy the 2509m model from HP, which I really liked.
    Just before the holidays I saw that HP released this new version of their 25″ monitor and the specs looked good.
    I ordered the 2511x from Amazon and … it’s a beauty !
    The image is so crisp, and the colors are fantastic.
    I was concerned about the brightness (specs rated it at 250 vs 300 of the previous model) but this monitor has plenty of brightness.
    Highly recommended.

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  3. 46 of 52 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    As good as monitors costing much more. Maybe even better., January 7, 2011
    doach “Doach” (Clearwater, Fl) –

    This review is from: HP 2511x 25-Inch LED Monitor – Black (Personal Computers)

    I own a Apple 21.5 inch imac, My wife owns a 27 inch imac. I also got a HP elite six core monster hooked up to a HP 2509m which I like. I got this monitor because of my current monitor for my PC the HP 2509M and it’s impressive display.

    Now I know the HP 2511 isn’t supposed to look as good as my wife’s 27 inch imac,but it does.I called HP Tech support and they told me this panel is a S-PVA display. IPS is supposed to be better than S-PVA, but by looking at my wifes 27inch imac, which has a yellow hue to the screen, the HP 2511 looks better, the whites are whiter and the blacks are blacker. No black light bleed, no dead or stuck pixels. Even colors. This panel just plain looks better.

    I have this side by side in dual mode with my imac 21.5 inch and use this as my main display and i could not be happier. I would give this monitor six stars if I could.

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